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Is this thing on?

Guidelines for Sword and Sorceress 25 have been announced. Who's in?

First sale!

rachelmanija suggested I post here, so here we go!

I was surfing friendsfriends, as you do when you are in the middle of final exams for university and want to take your mind off them, and saw rachelmanija's post about Sword and Sorceress 24. I'd been kicking around a short story for a couple weeks, and decided to submit it (after having a few people look it over, of course).

Earlier this week, Ms. Waters accepted "A Curious Case," making it my first professional sale!

Without that post about the anthology, I probably wouldn't have ever learned about Sword and Sorceress and submitted my story. So all hail Rachel! *grin*
I have a draft like unto early Irish castles and...four? hours to proofread.

I blame Rachel.

Also, I need a title.


I have a story! It's finished, I have some lovely feedback from the lovely Yoon, so my impulse is to just carve it into something completed and special and submit-- it has magic and a female lead, after all.

The bad news: It is 10K. The maximum is 9K and they suggest the smaller the story the better your odds. I think I can carve it down to 8-9K pretty easily, but I'm not sure it's the right choice.

But starting something fresh would make me write in...14 days. LOL. (I could write yet another side story in the same universe, though.)

Anyway, that's where I'm at! I am going to do some Deep Thinking after I WiiFit.

Some of you have already seen this...

...but I modified the Cool Bits Generator to produce stories that are more sword & sorcery, if you feel like you need inspiration or just mindlessly clicking it over and over and over while procrastinating.
I blame Rachel!

Er, anyway.  I don't want to spam this community, but I hope this post is OK.  I checked the rules and it looks like the kind of thing that is appropriate here.  If not, let me know or delete.  :)

I'm writing a story for the S&S anthology and I'm working on the basics of my worldbuilding.  I haven't written S&S in forever and an age, so I have no idea if my ideas are cliche or edgy.  So here are some of the ideas that I'm working through and would like suggestions or comments on, if you have thoughts.

One: The basic premise is that two women meet on a job (some kind of protection, fight evil, or do detective work).  The POV character is the sorcerer.  She shows up for the job, which she has agreed to do with a partner who she will meet at the site.  She shows up and finds a big chase scene, where she meets the other women for the first time.  The second woman is a cold-hearted female assassin who weilds a wicked wicked sword.  I think this is probably all very boring, as plot structures go.  They meet, the job is Not As It Appeared, they solve the case, and become partners.  It ends with a kiss. 

Two: The setting is a 40s era dystopia.  A broken city.  Lots of lipstick, high heels, gorgeous hair, and A line dresses.  Smoke filled bars, drugs, and booze.  There are wet streets and trolley cars, but not too many autos.  My big issue is guns.  How do I explain the lack of guns?  (I don't want guns.)  I want magic instead of guns but I haven't figured out how I'm going to do that yet.  

I'm thinking of including some big cats, a strange bookshop, and making the sorcerer a POC (mixed).  The chase scene is in an abandonded monastery.  Thus far, I'm thinking of Niko for the sorcerer's name but I don't have a name for the swordswoman yet (I want something thorny). 

I'm looking for thoughts on whether the worldbuilding is cliche, ideas about magic versus guns, and whether the bones of the plot seem doable in a short story (I sometimes think in novel length plots).  Constructive criticism is welcome as is positive strokes and or encouragement. 

World's Lamest Welcome Post

Welcome! Read the rules in the profile, abide by said rules, and we're all good. Write, cry, pray, meditate, write some more, and remember, the deadline for submissions is May 15th, 2009.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go write like a crazy woman, about a sorceress named Rose and a swordswoman named Briar.